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It can be said that we, the people of the 21st century, live in the ‘global village’. Computers, smarts phones, internet have brought the whole world within our reach. The boom in the field of information technology has influenced the educational institutions and the age-long educational system. Online education has gained its popularity in the course of time. But the young students are often found misusing their valuable time in useless internet surfing and social-media.

This is why e-itihas has created a bridge between traditional education and modern technology. It has ventured to present history online through the medium of words, pictures and videos. e-itihas has tried to present the curriculum of history to the students in an enjoyable way through various social media like Face book, YouTube etc. Not only that, there is also a scope for everyone to exchange information and ideas through this website.

  1. e-itihas offers different topics of history through text, image, audio and video.
  2. e-itihas not only caters the information but also gives emphasis on
    interpretation and explanation of events, incidents of the past .
  3.  The main area of interest of e-itihas is Social and Cultural history.
  4. e-itihas offers different resources in PDF, image, audio and video format to the students.
  5. It also offers some resources in PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) format to the teachers for using in classrooms.
  6. e-itihas portal is well linked with different social media like face book, YouTube, slide share, Pinterest etc, which are easily accessible in the online mode.
  7. Anyone can like, comment, share & subscribe e-itihas in social media directly through this portal.
  8. In future e-itihas will give emphasis on evaluation and assessment. It will also make other e-learning solution for the students and common people.


e-itihas or e-history initially is a non-profitable initiative of Mr. PRADIP KUMAR BASAK. e-itihas means ‘History of people and History for pupil’. It is ane-learning platform, it makes the world of learning completely online. e-itihas teaches and explores history to the common people as well as to the students. It offers integrated and comprehensive topics to the various groups and learning community.

e-itihas portal is integrated with different social media like Facebook, YouTube, Slide Share, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc. It encourages students to use digital device like computer, laptop, smartphone, tablets etc for educational and constructive purpose. e-itihas uses different social media for community education and development. It offers innovative, scalable and affordable teaching learning solution to educational community.

The main motto of e-itihas is to build and maintain a successful e-learning environment. At the beginning, e-itihas will give emphasis on the curriculum of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE), later it will deal with CBSE and ICSC curriculum also. One can find detailed discussion on different topics of history related to WBBSE curriculum.

e-itihas creates contents in different format like PDF, PPT, audio and video. It shares those contents in different social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Slide Share etc. One can directly download resources from this portal also. In future e-itihas will give full emphasis on assessment and evaluation.

So on behalf of e-itihas and I, Sri Pradip Kumar Basak welcome you to my website and other linked social media. Your encouragement, association, cooperation and advice are mostly welcome.